The Dangerfields are officially a gigging band!

The Dangerfields are officially a gigging band!

So my new trio, The Dangerfields ( played their first two gigs these past two Thursdays. And rough as they were at times, they were fun. According to most of the people who have talked to us, we’re a lot of fun. And that’s great. Of course, it makes me think of my “wow, you guys are having fun up there” saying I use when a band sort of sounds like shit but are having a good time. Our show at the Oasis was hot and the load-in was tough, but it was great to get in front of a crowd for the first time. The show at Hanovers was even more fun, because people were more engaged than the Oasis show. So I’m pretty psyched that this is happening. Thanks to Lee and Shawn for rocking out with me.

Audio from the Hanovers show:

Set 1: 

Set 2: 

Set 3: 

I’ve still got my regular plate of solo shows over at Scoreboard (8/26 and 9/9) and up at Quinns (9/29), and I’ll be playing a benefit solo at the Rusty Rudder up on Lake Travis on 8/28. It’s a great cause – we’re raising money for the victims of the Louisiana Floods. Here’s all the info.

That’s my quick update. THE DANGERFIELDS ARE REAL!

See you around town! #leadwithlove



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